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Whether managing energy usage for a K-12 school district or college campus, budgets are spread thin, so you need to manage costs effectively throughout multiple buildings. We have the know how to help you reduce energy costs. Let our team of experts help find the greatest opportunities to save time, energy, and money. Automated Logic’s WebCTRL software and built-in energy management programs make it simple.  

  • Environmental Index- The WebCTRL Software tool allows you to assess how well systems are controlling, identify problem areas, and give reasons for action.
  • Occupancy Control- With WebCTRL’s powerful scheduling abilities, planning precise environmental controls for a campus, building, floor level, events, holidays, or classrooms are easily managed. For even more flexibility, the ZS Zone sensor line with built-in occupancy sensor can enable the HVAC and lighting only when the room is occupied.
  • EnergyReports- A unified, real-time view of your building’s energy and sustainability.

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